Secrets to Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions (Even if You Have not So Far)

Secrets to Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions (Even if You Have not So Far)
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As the new year begins, you may be thinking about what you would like to accomplish in the year ahead. You might make some resolutions to do things differently in the coming year. You might work very hard at these resolutions for a couple of weeks. But, then something happens. You slip right back into your old ways. By mid-year, your resolutions are just that – resolutions you made, but did not keep.

As a coach, one of the things I help my clients with is achieving goals – the kind of goals that change your life for the better.

There are several important considerations when setting a goal for yourself:

Make the goal meaningful. Tie your goal to a larger vision for your life – your best life. Ask yourself: What will achieving this goal get me? What will it do for those I love? Allow yourself to visualize what you will experience when you achieve the goal. Consider what you will be thinking, feeling and doing as a result of accomplishing that goal. Holding this vision in mind motivates you to persist when obstacles arise, or when other demands compete for your attention.

Stretch yourself. Set a goal, then make it even bigger. Working toward a BIG goal is exciting, especially when you see yourself accomplishing it. Too often, we set mediocre goals, telling ourselves we do not want to fail. However, a goal that is easy to achieve is not exciting or rewarding, so we lose interest along the way. This reinforces the notion that we should not try harder and go for a bigger goal. It's a vicious cycle. Remember, when you set mediocre goals, you get mediocre results. When you set a BIG goal and put the right support in place, you get amazing results!

Be accountable. Have you ever noticed that what gets done are those things that you have told someone you will do? When someone is waiting for something from you, you get it done. When someone asks something of you, you get it done. When there is a deadline, you meet it. Yet, your personal projects and goals sit on the backburner and drag on. Eventually, you lose interest or give up because you just have not had time to focus on them.

Accountability is powerful! We are much more likely to accomplish goals that involve someone else. Find ways to hold yourself accountable for working toward your goals. Share your intentions. But, do not stop there. The more people you share your intentions with, the more accountable you will be.

Partner with a coach. Partnering with a coach increases your accountability and dramatically increases the likelihood that you will achieve the goals you set. With a coach, you have weekly contact and check-ins to report progress on your goals. You have a supportive, confidential relationship to assist you in brainstorming ways to overcome obstacles, celebrate your successes and learn from your setbacks. Those who work with a coach are more effective in all areas of life. The bottom line – when you work with a coach, you achieve bigger goals and live a better life!

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