Three Principles Of Communication With An Unborn Baby

Three Principles Of Communication With An Unborn Baby
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You should be able to find several indispensable facts about principles of communication with an unborn baby in the following paragraphs. In my experience, the principles of strong belief, intention and communication help me to communicate with my unborn babies at the earliest moment.

Strong belief

The most important is the strong belief in communication with the unborn baby. When you believe strongly in communication, you will try your best to find ways to reach the unborn baby. However, when you are not certain about your belief, you may miss the opportunity to communicate with the fetus.

I had a strong belief in communication with my unborn baby from the earliest stage as I had practiced with my first and second children previously. At six weeks of my third pregnancy, I asked my third child 3 times, "If you are a girl, you can make a movement to tell me." However, there was no response from him. I asked my third child, "If you are a boy, you make a movement to show your answer." Surprisingly, I felt him moving three times after I asked him the question.

Then, I reassured my baby that I would accept him for whom he was unconditionally. I could feel a sense of relief and somehow I sensed even my baby felt the same way. On the 20th week of my pregnancy, I could not believe it when my doctor confirmed that my third child was a boy. I felt a sense of joy that I had been able to communicate with my third child so much earlier.


One of the secrets I found which make communication with the unborn possible, is to first have a deep and intense desire and yearning to communicate and bond with your baby during pregnancy.

Prenatal communication needs the intention of the mother to want to communicate with her unborn baby. I had a strong need and yearning to communicate with my third child. I started to communicate with my third child when he was about 5 weeks old in my womb. Then, I was bleeding. I rested and I kept talking and asking my baby to heal himself and to be healthy again. I believed in him, that he had the capacity to heal himself. And it was like a miracle when one day later, the bleeding stopped. I was so relieved and happy because he had responded to my message.


Commitment is to put your belief into action. Many people may admit belief but do not go with it with real conviction by their actions. Mother should develop a vision of the unborn child. She must have a strong determination to communicate and reach out to the unborn baby.

With strong belief, intention and daily practice, you will be able to communicate with the foetus inside you. You are the closest person to him or her. Whatever you are thinking or feeling will pass on to the unborn child. Through dialogue, meditation, music, imagination, tapping, sending positive and loving messages and so on, mothers can communicate with their unborn babies.

You can not predict when knowing something extra about principles with communication with unborn baby will come in handy. If you learned anything new about communication with unborn baby in this article, you should put your learning into practice and share your experience with others.

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